Hot Ground Gym® was founded in 2013 by two military veterans: Doug Gialds, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and Paul Plotkin, a veteran of the Israeli Special Forces.

Being young fathers ourselves, we realized that there were many kids programs that were too traditional, lacking in character development content. They were based on rehearsed skills that were introduced to kids as if they were adults, and we wanted something else to our children. Deciding to create our own program, we invested a lot of time to create a comprehensive program that help kids grow strong physically and mentally while they have fun.

“Hot Ground Gym is a movement, not a gym. It is a clever and sophisticated method of introducing kids to physical activities, in conjunction with creative character development missions.”
– Founders of Hot Ground Gym


Go Obstacles is a mobile training division of Hot Ground Gym. The goal of this division is to spread Hot Ground Gym’s training experience to our clients’ locations. Our services are best suitable for public school events, private schools, children & youth nonprofit organizations, sports teams, fundraising events, and kids’ race events. Whether it’s all about the fun kids’ activity or is a kids event that serves as a unique fundraising idea, we can bring our obstacle course run to your special event!


5 Dimensional ConceptTM (5DCTM) is a revolutionary concept that was designed by the founders of Hot Ground Gym. Our training concept is a comprehensive training program for kids that incorporates physical training, critical thinking, and character development. 5DC consists of the five fundamental pillars: teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, obstacle course fitness, and discipline. This type of training boosts strength, confidence, cooperation, and adaptability while learning essential life skills. Our kids’ events, including our obstacle course training, will bring out the best in kids!