Fun and Exciting bootcamp fitness

Aktiv Party is run by military veterans, so when you ask for our Military Bootcamp party, you are getting an authentic course based off military training routines. These parties never fail to test the true athletic abilities of you and your guests. Challenge your abilities and show off your skills; Aktiv Party believes in pushing the human element to its greatest potential. You can do whatever you set your mind to!

gain confidence and get fit!

Bring an element of challenge and excitement to your next event. Our twist on a party can really prove you have what it takes to be amazing. Our military-style obstacles will test your strength, and give you the confidence of knowing you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to. You will be challenged not just physically, but mentally as well! This course is a taste of the real thing, but in the fun environment of your own party. It will test your individual limits and allow teamwork to develop, and make everyone accountable for getting their team to the end. No matter your fitness level, no matter your age, we guarantee that you will enjoy this party. Whether you want this party just for competition or just for fun, everyone will leave remembering it; our goal is to give you an extraordinary experience. We strive to bring you extreme fun, and you can make our course whatever you want it to be. Turn your party into a giant playground and give your guests something they have never done before. Our Military Bootcamp parties are sure to please everyone. Let go of ordinary party ideas, and let us show you how a real party is done.